Anorak News | Katie Price Wants Alex Reid Back And Is ‘At It’ With Peter Andre

Katie Price Wants Alex Reid Back And Is ‘At It’ With Peter Andre

by | 1st, December 2009

jordan5KATIE PRICE and Peter Andre, with special guest star Alex Reid: WHEN the Mirror’s Sue Carroll sniffed the air outside her lounge window and told readers that Katie Price’ssad delusions” of being interesting or popular, she was bang on.

“So before Miss Price, Jordan, Katie or whatever she wants to call herself suffers any more sad delusions it should be made clear that the majority of the British people do not give a kangaroo’s testes about her.”

That majority read papers like the Sun, Mail, Times and Telegraph. an even bigger majority get their news on the web. But a minority do read the Daily Mirror and on its front page, they get a picture of Katie Price and the headline news:


Well, yes. Katie Price is talking to Hello! magazine, which the Mirror has read and used as its front-page news. In her open-heart surgery, Katie Price says she may or may not get back with walking Toffee Crisp Alex Reid:

I was really falling for the guy and I can’t just switch off feelings like that. So I’m not entirely ruling out anything between us. Strangely enough, I feel more hurt from this split than I did with Pete because I had known for some time from seeing a marriage counsellor that it probably wouldn’t have lasted. Lots of things had happened, whereas with Alex, it seems a fresh start.”

Having dumped Alex Reid on the telly, Katie Price is now telling everyone she might get back with him.

(The Katie Price Burning: A Life In Pictures)

Or as the Daily Star puts it:

“KATIE AND PETE AT IT AGAIN.” (That’s talking on the phone.)

At least Sue Carroll offers sanctuary from Katie Price’s sad delusions. What say you Sue Carroll in your column?

Alex Reid is back on the market having been dumped by Katie Price – cross-dressing, cage-fighting publicity-crazed juvenile with a penchant for starring in soft-porn movies, anyone?

That’s a “Reason To Be Cheerful”, says Sue Carroll. Any other world news, Sue?

Since leaving the jungle Katie Price, say friends, is “inconsolable” and feels she has nothing to look forward to.


This is a woman with a £30million fortune, three lovely children and a beautiful home. If she feels her career is going through a blip, might I suggest another reality show.

One that involves swapping her pampered life with a struggling single mum on a sink estate where “nothing to look forward to” isn’t a state of mind, it’s a perpetual state of existence.

Right on, Sue. Then she can investigate if sad delusions are contagious?

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