Anorak News | Pete Doherty Brings Salutes For Germany’s Nazi Era

Pete Doherty Brings Salutes For Germany’s Nazi Era

by | 1st, December 2009

5947502PETE Doherty is on stage in Munich, Germany, giving small throat to the first bars of the German National anthem. Bayern 2 picks up the music and broadcasts it. Rudi Küffner, a spokesman for Bayern 2’s parent company, Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Yeah, Rundfunk – those Germans are too much fun:

With a quiet voice, he sang ‘Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles’ (‘Germany, Germany Above All’) four times,” said “Then the audience booed him so loudly that he had to start another song.”

Picture the scene:

As well as boos, the crowd reacted with whistles and outstretched middle fingers.

An outstretched middle finger? Well, if it elongates the arm that bit further, go for it. Although this is Pete Doherty so it might be best to put a Wet One on the end of that finger.

The Germans are wild for change.

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