Anorak News | Susan Boyle Dances A Highland Fling for Tiger Woods, In Pictures

Susan Boyle Dances A Highland Fling for Tiger Woods, In Pictures

by | 1st, December 2009

8083953SUSAN Boyle Watch: First up in today’s Susan Boyle news is Sue Carroll. Fresh from writing on and on and on about how Katie Price is no longer newsworthy – oh, the irony – Carroll now links Susan Boyle to Tiger Woods. Has he, you know, been, you know with Susan Boyle..?

Sooner a fragile Susan Boyle, whose frailties are there for all to see, than a superstar forced to pretend his life is a bed of roses when he’s lying on thorns.

Susan Boyle is “fragile”? She looks pretty robust. Of course, Boyle being weak is the media narrative. Even when Susan Boyle looks happy and vibrant she must be weak.

What evidence has she of Susan Boyle’s fragility? Her thumb sucking? Maybe it’s her stint in The Priory? Well, that makes other stars who have been in The Prioty rehab clinic fragile too, and thus deserving of her cod sympathy. Right, Sue Carroll? Here’s what she says about another reality TV star who became a Priory victim: Jade Goody:

Last time jade left, she was greeted by placards saying: “Kill the pig!” “Pig ignorant” might be more fitting.

Meanwhile, the Daily Star spots the “gurning singer” as she “danced” outside her house.

Is Susan Boyle gurning? Well, no. Is she dancing? Well, not exactly – she’s more giving the cameramen parked outside her home what they want.

Over in the Sun, readers are told: “YOU’VE got to love SUBO.”

Last week Susan Boyle had the biggest-selling debut album of all time in the UK – but she still answers the door in socks and pyjamas.

She’s like … Cherie Blair.

She also danced in the Scottish flag outside her home in West Lothian on St Andrew’s Day yesterday.

See the photographer handing Susan Boyle a Scottish flag. Hear the command “Do a dance, Susan!” See Susan Boyle do what’s she told to do. Says the Sun:

You won’t see MARIAH CAREY or LEONA LEWIS doing that. And that’s why we like SuBo so much.

Although you might see Leona Lewis get close enough to her fane to get punish in the head. And isn’t Mariah Carey just SuBo with better planning?

Susan Boyle is for now the press’s figure of fun and pity – then they will set about destroying her…


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Singer Susan Boyle signs her cd outside her home in Blackburn, Scotland and gets in the festive spirit by wearing a santa hat for photographers.

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