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Katie Price’s Cupid Stunt And Peter Andre’s Horror

by | 3rd, December 2009

jordan6KATIE Price and Peter Andre: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jordan and pop acorn Pete in the news…

Daily Star (front page): Peter: I’ll never take Kate back”

PETER Andre says Katie Price’s post-jungle behaviour has proved once and for all why he will never take her back.

Kate? Oh, Katie Price’s latest nom-de-slap. The front-page features a picture of Katie Price looking like an orange balloon with a felt-tip-drawn face topped with a chimpanzee’s pelt sat on the top.

Peter Andre slammed reports that they were planning to reunite to boost their careers, slamming the rumours as “offensive”. He was “horrified” anyone could think he’d put his children through a divorce as a PR stunt.

It is both horrific and offensive. But that’s reality TV for you. As the Now magazine headline puts it:

Peter Andre has never stopped loving the real Katie Price

Such are the facts. As for Katie Price, what’s she been up to, then?

Jordan could barely keep her eyes open as she crawled out of West End club Mahiki at 4.30am. Kate even tripped over a dozing tramp and flashed her bum as she clambered into her car outside the posh London venue.

(Old Mr Anorak is no tramp but was merely “researching the view.”)

Katie turned up determined to have a good time and didn’t seem to be missing Alex at all,” says a spy hiding within the cosy confines of Jamie’s hair. “She downed drink after drink and made a beeline for Jamie when she saw him. She knew who he was and chatted to him for ages.”

In “Jordan’s Afrodisiac”, the Sun says Katie Price got friendly with X Factor singer Jamie Archer. Reality TV star meets reality TV at a club. Wow:

JORDAN has struck up an amazing friendship with afro-haired X Factor reject Jamie Archer.

There’ll be tears before bedtime. Someone will suffer. Remember that “sleeping tramp”?

And society’s obsession with reality television and celebrities like Katie Price is leading to a lack of respect for the elderly.

Katie Price loves old people. At the Morgan Awards at London’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel:

Kate, aka glamour model Jordan, grabbed a mic and yelled: “I don’t care if all you f***ers hate me.” She then climbed uninvited onto X Factor boss Simon Cowell’s lap and began whispering and giggling into the 50-year-old’s ear.

Can you hear me SIMON? Hark! We hear hooves. Must be the Daily Mail:

The London International Horse Show once boasted appearances by the likes of the Princess Royal and her daughter, Zara Phillips. This year’s main attraction on December 15 is the coarse, jumbo-breasted model, Katie Price. The organisers crow: ‘High-profile horse lover Katie Price is expected to ride her filly, Cross Dresser.’ Small wonder discerning folk consider relocating to New Zealand!

Or the Australian Bush…

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