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Gazing At The Virgin Mary Of Knock Can Turn You Blind

by | 3rd, December 2009

knock-virgin-marySO bright is the light of the Virgin Mary at the shine of Knock in County Mayo that pilgrims are at the risk of going blind.

The pilgrims have seen the sun “dancing in the sky“. If you stare long enough you can see colours. If you stare at the Virgin long enough some say your hands become covered in a thick pelt. So they say.

And do visit the shop:

The range of souvenir shops selling everything from plastic illuminated statues of Mary to ‘Kiss me, I’m a leprechaun’ hats do not encourage spirituality

Dublin local Joe Coleman predicted a happening on October 31 at 1500 GMT. The Virgin Mary is busy woman. Be there. Be punctual. Says he:

I have seen her twice in recent months in the Gable chapel at Knock. The statue comes alive, she opens her arms, a lovely pink cloak comes around her, there are stars above her head, she turned into Jesus, then to Padre Pio and then back to herself. While the vision is happening, I can see nothing else in the chapel…She has told me she wants to make the biggest statement she has ever made on this earth. Knock is the spiritual heart of Ireland. They will come from all over the world on Sunday. Sky News and Vatican Radio and numerous other channels and radio stations will be present.”

No need to go then, just tune in and watch the Virgin Mary statue light up and move to the left and to the right. The BBC was there:

Mr Coleman left the shrine claiming he had just witnessed an apparition but said he could not yet reveal details.

Did he take a photo? Meanwhile, back to eyes:

Dr Eamonn O’Donoghue, a consultant ophthalmologist surgeon based at University Hospital, Galway, said solar retinopathy can be “potentially very, very dangerous” and could cause long-term damage to the most vulnerable part of the eye.

Do you see the light?

If you stare at the sun for long enough you’re going to get some visual disturbances. Not only will you get reduced vision but also a condition called metamorphopsia.”

The sooner the shop starts selling official Virgin Mary sunglasses the better…

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