Anorak News | Al Gore Runs From Copenhagen Leaving Brown To Face Climate Gate Protesters

Al Gore Runs From Copenhagen Leaving Brown To Face Climate Gate Protesters

by | 4th, December 2009

8095224ANORAK was at the Darwin Centre to hear Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Energy Secretary Ed Miliband and UN Minister Baroness Kinnock answers questions about the forthcoming UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen. One person who will not be joing the thousands flying in to talk about the need to cut back on, er, carbon emissions is Al Gore.

Why not join the heated debate, Al?

Former American vice president and Nobel Prize winner Gore has for years used the melting snow on Africa’s highest mountain (5892 metres) for his climate propaganda. The snow cover is shrinking and that is caused by man and his greenhouse gases!

The Dutch scientist Jaap Sinninghe Damsté debunks this story of climate guru Gore in the leading periodical Nature.

A natural process of large climate shifts seems to be the true cause, says the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research on Thursday….

The researcher and European colleagues discovered that Kilimanjaro underwent successive periods of heavy monsoons and extreme dryness. Ice and snow retreat from the top in dry periods and return in the very wet ones….

Al Gore must find another symbol for his climate problem. Kilimanjaro does now have little snow on the peak, but that seems to be completely natural.

The science is not so settled, then:

Any more news?

An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning science fiction movie, attempted to scare the bejeebers out of you by claiming that global warming would inevitably lead to increased frequency and intensity of hurricanes…

In reality, the 2009 season that ended as December began saw storms that barely qualified as storms…It was the first time in several years in which no hurricanes hit the United States.

What says Al Gore?

Even a final treaty will have to set the stage for other tougher reductions at a later date,” he said. “We have already overshot the safe levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.”

James Delingpole says Gore is ruinning scared.

Former U.S. vice president has canceled his event, more than 3,000 Danes have purchased a ticket. Looks like they will get a refund though. Might be worth more as a collectors item in ten years though.

I wonder how many people have shelled out $1200 to shake Al’s hand? Maybe not enough and he couldn’t cover the expenses for his private jet?

Here’s Al debating Climate Gate:

It’s the science, dummy…


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Prime Minister Gordon Brown is joined by Energy Secretary Ed Miliband, and UN Minister Baroness Kinnock to answers questions from an audience of young people about the forthcoming UN Climate Change summit in Copenhagen, at the Darwin Centre in London.

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