Anorak News | Prisoner Loses Five-Inch Blade Up Anus

Prisoner Loses Five-Inch Blade Up Anus

by | 4th, December 2009

rance-johnson-knife-assTO Merced County Main Jail, where Rance Johnson is having a five-inch long homemade knife surgically removed from his interior.

This plastic knife weapon was removed as Johnson underwent surgery at hospital in…Modesto. Really.

The story goes that 19-year-old Rance Johnson walked gingerly over to screws complaining of a pain in his backside. The plastic blade had been lodged in his rectum for three weeks.

Johnson explains that he has not a clue what is giving him gip. He then mentioned a weapon that he had found lying about an interview room. With no bin available, he inserted the item up his backside. Mr Johnson keeps a tidy cell.

Johnson faces a concealed weapons charge. A search for a fork and spoon continues…

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