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Mr Penman Banned From Library For Having Smelly Feet

by | 4th, December 2009

fansSTUART Penman, 27, has been banned from Wigston Library, Leicestershire, on account of his smell. It is not a favourable smell. Mr Penman – as in Mr Pen and Ink Man – has now been banned from the building for six months.

Says he:

“I went in there on Monday with my wife and they told me I was barred because of my feet.”

Is he barefoot in the library?

Margaret Bellamy, head of the county council’s library services, offers:

“He has been using the library for a while and we’ve been getting complaints about his personal hygiene for about a year.

“We’ve sat down with him to see what can be done and even asked him if he’s been washing, using deodorant and regularly changing his clothes.”

In the library?

“We’ve had people leaving and saying it’s because of the smell. I feel very sorry about the whole situation and it’s not a decision we took lightly but we’ve done all we can to help and it’s still not getting any better.

“When people were refusing to come into the library we felt we had no other option.”

Which is why people don’t use the library. Nothing to do with the internet or books being cheap.

In other news, Leyton Orient FC are considering a ban on the fan who sits in Row 4 of the West Stand. His dandruff is stopping them from coming in their droves…

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