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Complaint Over New Kangaroo And Emu Flavour Crisps

by | 5th, December 2009

kangaroo-and-emu-crispsTHE new Smith’s crisps taste is kangaroo and emu flavour, the BBQ Coat of Arms. Can the two flavours blend? Before you investigate, know that the bag has offended someone.

As the plaintiff says, the bag of crisps ”depicts the national coat of arms in a manner which could be termed as ‘degrading’ for native wildlife and offends on social values.

”It implies that it is perfectly OK to kill kangaroos and emus, just for fun!”

That’s the national coat of arms of Australia – one of the few countries to feature pet food on its official badge.

The taste of the Outback zoo is one of four finalists in a competition to discover a new flavour of crisps that would garner lots of PR and media coverage. If one can offend then so much the better.

The winning flavour gets $30,000. Emu and Roo is up against “late night kebab” – – which may be the same thing under a different billing – Caesar salad and buttered popcorn. Eating crisps that taste of buttery popcorn suggests that the shopper was out of luck when looking to buy buttery popcorn. As for crisps that taste like salad, well, that’s a game try at making junk food part of your Five A Day.

Smith’s hears of the single complaint about Roo and Emu and says:

”Far from belittling our coat of arms, as expressed by the complainant, the kangaroo and emu joining in the BBQ is a creative way of celebrating our Australian heritage while expressing the flavour of an Aussie BBQ.”

The favour of an Australian BBQ is nuked lamb, singed prawn, runny sun cream, splashes of watery beer, flakes of sun-dried skin and disappointment. Stick that in a bag shaped like a vest and you’ll make fortune…

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