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Madeleine McCann: Novelty Records And Clues

by | 6th, December 2009

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AS the Daily Star has Katie Price, the Daily Express has Madeleine McCann. And today Express readers get:


DETECTIVES in Britain have passed details of several possible sightings of Madeleine McCann to their Portuguese counterparts following a worldwide internet appeal.

These detectives turn out to be actual police detectives. So what “possible sightings” have there been?

Police in Leicestershire – the county where her family live – were fed information about the sightings after the unique appeal by the London-based Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre last month.

Ceop broadcast the video A Minute For Madeleine. Lots of people saw it and some, reportedly, reacted by calling in with info. The Express does not tell its readers what this info was, only that it has a scoop. Get this:

But the Sunday Express can reveal that evidence they gathered has not been put into the Home Office Large Major Enquiry System (HOLMES) by Leicestershire police.

HOLMES is elementary (do they think of the acronym then find the words?):

In 1986 UK Police Forces started to utilise HOLMES in most major incidents including serial murders, multi-million pound fraud cases and major disasters.

Madeleine McCann going missing three summer ago is a “major incident” up there with a “major disaster”? Tragic for the innocent parents and the worse of all for the child, but is it a major disaster? And why would the British police put info into a British system about an incident being investigated in Portugal?

Last night former Scotland Yard commander Dai Davies said: “I find that unbelievable that key information from Portugal has not been processed.”

What key information?

“To get the full benefit you should input all available information on the crime. It is common sense to provide as many pieces of the jigsaw as possible.”

So every email and call has to be logged?

ON the Quietus blog, we get: “Luke Haines Interview: Middle Age Is No Time To Sing About Maddy.”

In his hat, drooping moustache and white suit, one could easily place Luke Haines as a hash dealer you would perhaps encounter in a Benidorm fun-pub touting for business amongst British package holiday debutantes from the north, rather than the Englishman exiled to Buenos Aires he would prefer to have you believe. Maybe it’s the strawberry blonde hair, pallid complexion and slight paunch. It doesn’t matter, it’s a good look

And Maddie?

So we can rule out Luke Haines making an interesting concept record about Madeleine McCann, which is something I can easily imagine the Luke Haines of yesteryear doing?

Oh God no! I have a son now you know and you don’t go near that darkness when you have children. You just don’t do it. It’s of no interest to me. I block out all of those thoughts. But yeah it’s probably somewhere I would have kind of gone when I was in my 20s. I certainly didn’t shy away from it. As you shouldn’t when you’re in your 20s. But then you grow up.

Anyone got a novely record for Maleleine McCann?

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