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Meredith Kercher: Friends of Amanda Knox And Anti-Italian Bigotry

by | 7th, December 2009

MEREDITH Kercher: Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede murdered the Leeds University student. (The case in pictures here.) There can be no debate. But Knox is American. The case was in Italy. Can the foreigners be blamed? A heated debate ensues…

On Anorak, reader Jill offers:

What a joke. There was no substantial evidence in which to blame these two. The media in Italy convicted her before she even went on trial. It is obvious that Rudy was the sole murderer of Meredith and not Amanda and Raffaele. The judicial system in Italy is pathetic and I wish that someone from our government would step in and help this poor girl and her famil

Another reader in the US reacts:

Senator Cantwell (Senator from state of Washington) has already stated she plans to raise her concerns about that trial with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Knox family is pushing for Government intervention. She may or may not have committed that serious crime she was convicted of. However, when she went there, as our country tells us, she was under their laws. Maybe this will wake up all Americans to make it a point to study carefully every country’s laws and one’s Rights under those laws they plan to go to. Most countries aren’t like the good old USA when you are suspected of committing a crime and you sit there and give your name and address and next words out of your mouth you say you want a lawyer and police shut their mouths until a lawyer is present.

Amanda Knox slashed a woman’s throat. She murdered. She then lied and lied.  she pointed the finger at an innocent man – a black man in Italy. But such is the sense of American superiority that Italians are being blamed:

As angry Americans promised to boycott Italian holidays, wine and food, a vociferous support group calling itself Friends of Amanda Knox urged people to email Barack Obama to ask him to support her appeal.

The New York Times delivered the headlined: “”An American in the Italian Wheels of Justice.”

In the wheels or on the wheel? A George Fletcher, professor of jurisprudence at Columbia University, is invited to offer:

“I think this is a scandal of the first order.”

He’s right. But justice has been done. No debate. Just xenophobia…


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John Kercher, the father of murdered student Meredith Kercher, with son John (left) and daughter Stephenie (in background), arrive at Stansted Airport after their flight from Perugia in Italy.

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