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Tiger Woods: Ambien and Vicatin And ‘Subscription Drugs’

by | 8th, December 2009

tiger-woods-subscription-drugsTIGER Woods: Writing in the Times Sophie Tedmanson says that Tiger Woods may have been taking “subscription drugs”. Is golf not only about sex and transgressions but also about drugs, free pills and vial dolled out with your club membership or monthly organ? Is this the big secret to the game’s success? Tedmanson has more:

As more women come out of the woodwork alleging affairs with Tiger Woods, and details about his mysterious car crash two weeks ago continue to emerge including that he may have been under the influence of alcohol and subscription drugs at the time, it seems his wife has had enough.

Order your drugs now and get a FREE crazy golf lesson! Why play a round on grass when you PLAY AROUND on grass, weed, dope and aged hash.

The drugs story shocker does not end there. A subpoena request made by Trooper Joshua A. Evans says:

“The driver lost control of his vehicle, crashed and was transported to the hospital. A witness stated that the driver had consumed alcohol earlier in the day and the same witness removed the driver from the vehicle after the collision… Also, the same witness stated that the driver was prescribed medication (Ambien and Vicatin (sic)). Impairment of the driver is also suspected due to the careless driving that resulted in the traffic crash.”

The Women can be viewed here and here

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