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Tiger Woods Is Tired: James Arthur Ray Is Big News

by | 9th, December 2009

abcjamesraystory-255x300ANORAK’S Man in LA reports on how James Arthur Ray is finally attracting the tabloid news organs: LOOKS like the mainstream broadcast news outlets have tired of Tiger Woods adultery stories and moved onto a new target: New Age self-help guru James Arthur Ray.

The Rat already told you about a piece that’s in the works for tonight’s edition of CNN’s “AC-360.” Based on the promo, it’ll focus on the death of a woman during a James Ray retreat held last summer in San Diego, a few months before his triple-fatal Spiritual Warrior retreat. The woman did a header from the third-floor balcony of a shopping mall where she and other participants had been sent as part of an exercise during which they all had to pretend they were homeless.

Now, it turns out that ABC’s Nightline plans to devote a substantial chunk of tonight’s half-hour to a story which features an interview with a woman who was at the fatal October 8th sweat lodge and was an employee of Ray’s at the time.

In a nut-shell, she claims Ray did nothing to help sweat lodge participants who were obviously in physical distress.

“Nightline” promises to be 30-minutes of must-see TV. – RR

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