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Tiger Woods: Rachel Uchitel’s OK! Interview In Full, And Pictures

by | 10th, December 2009

rachel-uchitel-okTIGER Woods: After denying an affair with Woods and then calling a press conference, before – with the world’s media massed and expectant – cancelling the press conference, misunderstood Rachel Uchitel now tells her story to OK! magazine. It’s Rachel Kiss’ n’ Tell.

On the cover of OK!, Rachel Uchitel is billed as “TIGER WOODS’ RACHEL UCHITEL”. This is “‘MY SIDE OF THE STORY'”.

Anyone looking for dirt and scandal will need to look somewhere else. This is OK! magazine where the hair is always lustrous, the subject gorgeous and the home stunning.

For more on Rachel, the obstacles she’s overcome in her life (including losing her fiancé in the 2001 World Trade Center attacks) and what she’s looking forward to in her future, pick up the new issue of OK!

If Woods is looking to tell all, he could do worse than speak with OK!. After a few pages he’ll be sat in front of lamp that gives him a hallow effect, dandling his amazing kids on his fatherly knees and given ample opportunity to say how disappointed he is in the media and that he and his wife are more united then ever.

He will also not be asked to field one question on his sex life, perhaps be billed as a “private” man (see adverts).

In the course of the OK! interview the one thing we don’t learn about Rachel Uchitel is if she shagged Tiger Woods. Her no comment and the front-page headline is all.

Says Rachel Uchitel:

“In every story you need a villain and a hero. I’ve been characterised as a villain. People have called me home-wrecker, gold digger, tramps, whore. I make mistakes but I’m not those things.”

So she didn’t shag married Tiger Woods and then make money out of it by, say, telling her story to OK!?

“I have very good qualities.”

Those qualities are not listed nor flashed, but we observe that Rachel has full lips, those American teeth that follow you round the room, animal-print scatter cushions and a black dog.

“I’ve realised I need to reassess what I want out of life.”

You wanted Tiger Woods and now you want something else?

“My life is not dependent on a man. A man does not shape my happiness. I’m not surplus or a bimbo. I’m very strong. I will survive this.”

And at once Rachel Uchitel is the victim.

“I’m not here to make myself into a victim but I want to people to remember I’m human.

She may like to get her kit off and show us how human she is. Look out for further probings of Tiger’s women on OK!’s sister title Channel X where the humans sides of Joslyn James and Holly Sampson will be exposed to one and all…


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