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Tiger Woods: How Jaimee Grubbs Processed Tiger Woods

by | 10th, December 2009

TIGER Woods Crazy Golf Hole No. 6 and nominative determinism victim, Jaimee Grubbs, has been speaking on the US entertainment show Extra about “processing” Tiger Woods.

Grubbs claims to have romanced Woods for over 2 years. She says she is sorry. So sorry is she? How much you got?

Grubbs tells Elin Nordgren that she is “deeply sorry” for sleeping with Woods. She goes on the telly to say:

“I have no words to explain what I have done to her he and her family.”

Well, no. Jaimee Grubbs has 15 words in that sentence alone. She has more to say.

“I guess I would be deeply sorry for never considering her during the whole process. And him not bringing her up was just a way for me to pretend that he didn’t have one [wife] and for me not to deal with it.”

The “process”. Has Jaimee Woods been learning English from the Tiger Woods bumper book or euphemisms? Is the process a transgression repackaged? America loves it sex neatly wrapped and sprayed with a side order of fragranced cleanser. America is also home to massive porn industry, two employees of which claim to have processed Woods.

Says Jaimee Grubs, verily unto thee:

“I’m not going to ever say what I did is OK. She knows she loves him and that is the way I felt.”

She did it for love. Aw, shucks.

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