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Tony Blair Unveils New Chilcot Inquiry Artwork

by | 10th, December 2009

ANORAK pop quiz. Is this image an illustration of the Chilcot Inquiry, the cosy get together between vested interested groups to decide whether Tony Blair took the country to war on a lie?

Or is it an art installation by Anish Kapoor, in whish a working cannon shoots blood-red bombs into the Royal Academy’s walls?

Or is it a parody on how Tony Blair will fire so much effluent and fluid at the Chilcot inquiry that he will wriggle free and escape just on what “sex with that woman” really mans while Cherie pockets the free pens?

Your answers…


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Photo call with Anish Kapoor and his major work, Shooting into the Corner, which has fired red wax at the Royal Academy's walls every twenty minutes during his solo exhibition since September 26th. The exhibition will run midnight on Friday December 11th at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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