Anorak News | In New York Cop Killing Is All Part Of The Holiday Fun

In New York Cop Killing Is All Part Of The Holiday Fun

by | 11th, December 2009

IN New York a suspected CD scammer is shot dead by police outside the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square. Tourists are delighted:

Emer Rooney, 33, a visitor from Ireland on the last day of a trip to New York, walked with a friend from a nearby hotel to take pictures of the scene. She said she had never felt unsafe in New York. “I actually feel it’s very safe,” she said. “Look at all the police officers.” She cited the shooting, in fact, as one of the more exciting moments of her trip, including recovering lost luggage at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and getting tickets to the musical “Wicked.”

Wicked! – Says Our Irish Reporter

A tourist from Australia, Suzanne Davis, 42, stopped to take images with a video recorder. “It’s my first day in New York, so it makes very real what you see in the movies,” she said.

Five stars for authenticity! – Davis, Oz Recorder

Shannon Maggio, 32, a visitor from New Orleans, was on the 16th floor of the nearby Edison Hotel in a room facing the Marriott, with both windows open, when she heard yelling, and then an eruption of gunfire.

“I heard it clear as day,” she said. “I’d never heard a gunshot before, but I knew it was a gunshot. Pow-pow-pow-pow — just like that. Then I heard a guy yell. Then sirens.” She added: “I froze. My hair stood on end.”

Thrilling! – Maggio, New Orleans

Come to NY, NY – be lucky and cath the Shoot.

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