Anorak News | X Factor: Stacey Solomon Gets Cabbaged And Joe McElderry Pulls

X Factor: Stacey Solomon Gets Cabbaged And Joe McElderry Pulls

by | 12th, December 2009

jedwards-look-alikesX FACTOR Watch: It’s the final weekend of the X Factor. Who wins: Disney character and granny-magnet Joe McElderry, hyperventilating Stacey Solomon or twitchy itchy dancer Olly Murs, the man whose name is contagious – literally? Look out for Olly’s impression of David Brent in a lift.

Geordie Joe McElderry will perform with George Michael. Wake Me up After You Joe Joe. Everyone else gets Jedward.

Jedward wins!

He is lining up a series of deals. Louis said: “They will be millionaires by the end of next year. TV, modelling endorsements, gigs, books, hair, pop music…they’ll be huge.” – Mirror

Amanda Holden Is Coller Than A Wasabi Enema

Amanda tells us: “I’m really hoping Joe will win. There is nobody out there on the market for 10 to 21-year-olds and fits the bill perfectly – Mirror

Hear that teens – you only have Joe to admire. No-one else. And you 10-year-olds – put down your iPods and that DS and listen to Joe, Britain’s Jonas Brother.

Cheryl Cole’s Life And Art

“I’m a massive soap girl, and like nothing better than watching the soaps with a cup of tea and a HobNob. Kevin and Molly are so going to get caught out on Coronation Street! Ashley likes the soaps too. He pretends he doesn’t like them, and then he’s asking me about Kevin and Molly.”- Sun

Local Matters

The local star – local and provincial media can make a hero out of anyone involved with the X Factor. Here’s the Scottish Daily Record:

SCOTS X Factor vocal coach Yvie Burnett reckons any one of the final three could win and will make a great new pop star.

The Liverpool Echo delivers: “Goodison Park lands the X-Factor”

Goodison’s Peoples’ Club suite hosts an X-Factor night on December 19. Fans can enjoy a three-course meal and followed by a singing contest. It all costs £39.

Simon Cowell – Saviour of ITV

Though he doesn’t yet have his own theme park, reports put Cowell’s personal wealth north of £120 million. ITV – which, earlier this year, was reeling from an advertising recession that saw its revenues falling by 20 per cent or more – is basking in a Cowell-fuelled financial recovery. Analysts predict that the network will be charging around £250,000 for a 30-second advertising spot in tonight’s X Factor final, with the overall windfall from this series topping £75 million. For a company that was (wrongly, it turns out) rumoured to be on the verge of bankruptcy this spring, it’s a remarkable turnaround. – Telegraph

How Much?!

WHOEVER takes the X Factor crown this weekend, the show will be a £50million winner. Showbiz bean-counters reckon the climax will generate that staggering amount in advertising, phone votes, record sales and merchandising – Daily Star

Simon Cowell – Music Killer

Homicide detectives should have raided The X Factor studio and sealed it off as a crime scene after the brutalising of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah by last year’s finalists. There’s a cold dank cell in a Siberian labour camp with Eoghan Quigg’s name on it. And next door, there’s a barber sharpening his scissors Irish Indy

There’s A Girl Who Works In The Chop Sop Thinks She’s Stacey Solomon

At the Oh My Cod takeaway in Hornchurch, Essex, Stacey’s name is still programmed on the till from when she worked there as a 16-year-old.

“She and her mum came in about five weeks ago and she told me she was very happy and enjoying X Factor.

“She had a box of her favourite red cabbage in oil and lemon”Sun

The X Factor – pass the lemon drizzle…

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