Anorak News | X Factor Final Live Blog: Joe McElderry Wins, Olly Murs Lose Gracefully

X Factor Final Live Blog: Joe McElderry Wins, Olly Murs Lose Gracefully

by | 13th, December 2009

THE X Factor Final Live Show: Joe McElderry wins. Here’s how he did it. Newests news first.

Final Proud Watch of the X Factor series: Cheryl is proud of Joe. Joe just looks stunned and elated.

Cheryl and Danniii air kiss. Britain gets its own Jonas Brother. Any more like you at home, Joe? Simon’s just wondering? Rachel whatsherface grabs the mic.

Joe WINS!!!!! And here is debut single. Look! Buy! Look!!!!

The lines are closed. The cash is being counted. Your mum is going TO KILL YOU when the phone bill comes.

George Michael sings a dull song dressed in those Minder indoor sunglasses used and abused car dealers wear. Sir Paul Macca appears.

Return to see Cheryl Cole crying. What the **** did Cowell say to her?!

Then Olly and Joe are ready to sing The Climb, a Miley Cyrus song. It’s pretty dull. But Joe wins. Joe is walking on clouds. Behind him is host of white-clad singers. What can it all mean? It’s moving. Your writer moves to the coffee machine, literally.

Leona Lewis is dressed as a goldfish.

Proud Watch II: Simon is “proud” of Olly and Joe.

Proud Watch: Simon Cowell is “proud” of Joe – “literally”.

Joe sings Don’t Stop Believin‘ by Journey. To be picky, Joe is not a great walker. But he way better than Olly at singing. Joe wins.

Olly sings Twist And Shout. Olly dances like a City broker on a patch of black ice. Grandma will like this one. Olly reminds one of Antoak’s writers of Vinnie Jones singing Wolly Bully. Says what you like about the singing, but Olly does good stairs. Walking up stairs on stage is not easy.

Fashion Note: Louis Walsh is dressed like an extra from The Waltons.

Fashion Note II: For those fo you watching in black and white Michael Underwood’s outfit is bright.

Olly and Joe are dressed in white. Can Godspell have two leads? All the other losing finalists are dressed in black. It’s all deeplty meaningful.

BEFORE the X Factor final – and Joe McElderry’s victory, and Olly Murs’ good sportsmanship – Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy are seen backstage at the X Factor final, and then taking their seats for the show proper at the Fountain Studios in Wembley, north-west London. Should Harry and Chelsy marry? Should they live in sin? We need a public vote…


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Stacey Solomon leaves the X factor final at Fountain Studios in north London.

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