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Hollywoaks Removes Jamie Bulger Storyline

by | 14th, December 2009

FOR those readers who recall when Madeleine McCann’s disappearance caused EastEnders and Coronation Street to rework plots and stand on a box to shout how much they cared for the child, Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks will not broadcast scenes that feature incidences similar to the James Bulger case.

The soap opera aimed at the hard of understanding, reality TV show bookers and men on registers who live in coastal caravan parks looking for bit of Sunday morning flesh thinks its viewers will take its plots for reality.

The plot was to feature two characters living under false names after bullying a child to death. But James Bulger’s mum complained, and production firm Lime Pictures “agreed to amend certain aspects of the storyline.”

Denise Fergus, Jamie Bulger’s mum, says:

“I made it clear that I did not want those scenes broadcast and I’m pleased to say they clearly understood my feelings.”

Admitting to watching let alone caring about Hollyoaks is unusual, but saying that the work of pap fiction is similar to your real and terrible ordeal is a step beyond. Only a nutcase could not sympathise with Mrs Fergus, but fiction is not fact.

Is TV now so pervasive that human tragedy can be confused with entertainment? Is everything we see on the telly just entertainment, a voyeuristic chance to look and stare?

The show’s producers issue this wholly unnecessary statement:

“This particular storyline was not based on any real-life case and was not intended to recreate actual events.”

That particular storyline..? You mean there have been soap opera plots based on actual events?

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