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Russian Bank Robber Hypnotises Bank Teller

by | 14th, December 2009

rasputingIN Volzhky, Russia, Galina Korzhova is arrested on suspicion of hypnotising a bank clerk into giving her more 30,000 euros, 20,000 US dollars and the rest of the $81,000 in rubles.

She is suspected of having robbed up to 30 additional banks.

The bank teller, who works at Sberbank bank, met Korzhova. She told him she could remove curses and heel the sick. Later he met her again on Communist Street. He gave her the cash.

Hours later he came to and realised that he’d done.

Old Mr Anorak wishes to apply the same defence in the matter of the cigarette girl removed from White Gentlemen’s club in 1934, yer honour.

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