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Elfin Princess Ekaterina Ivanova Achieves Goblin King Ronnie Wood

by | 15th, December 2009

IN Hello!”, Ekaterina Ivanova wants to show you what she got up to during her “18 months behind closed doors with Ronnie Wood.”

Have you eaten? Taken your prescription drugs? Ok, perverts, here goes:

We see Ekaterina on a chaise longue. She is wearing a pink boa and black boots and black dress. And black leggings. One page on, she is in jeans. Says Ekaterina:

“The whole thing started off like a fairytale…”


“But then it felt like an evil fairytale. When Ronnie and I moved into a tower, my friends were laughing and saying I was like the princess trapped in the tower.”

Princess. He-he. You’ve got to laugh. By the way, that tower is attached to a few dozen rooms and well-kept grounds in Surrey. Go on:

“He went all Jekyll and Hyde. I’d be trapped there with an evil goblin king.”

Every princess needs a king…

Hello! then adds to the mythical nature of things by commenting on Ekaterina’s “elfin” face. The princess elf and the goblin king. We only need a dance and a gag to make it into a panto.

“We used to draw together, dance, joke.”

Katia, as she is billed, says she is “not materialistic at all”. Ronnie bought her necklace, which she once threw back at him. She dreams of meeting someone and “saving up for a mortgage”.

Katia “grew out of him”. “He was like a child with tantrums when he was drunk, throwing water bottles and doing impressions of my voice. It was like trying to keep a child under control.”

That’s goblin kings for you – unruly and liable to spillage. But what next for Katie?

She stands in a short white shirt, a hat and boots. She tells us that she would only like to be in the spotlight for “something that I’d achieved.”

Like shagging a Rolling Stone..?


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Ronnie Wood and his Russian 20 year old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova spotted in Primrose Hill, north London.

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