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Amanda Knox: ‘Shit Happens’ When A Stranger Strikes

by | 15th, December 2009

121409cover400jpg-3a6628cbe6e5744f_mediumAMANDA Knox: Anorak’s at-a-glance look a Meredith Kercher’s murderer in the news, with some mention of Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede (pictures):

How Guilty Is Knox?

Legal scholars say Knox is lucky she didn’t get a longer sentence. The jurors, polled and interviewed after the verdict, said they were not split on the question of innocence or guilt but rather on the question of whether she should get life in prison or less – Seattle PI

She’s Innocent, Says A Friend (Not In Italy)

Convicted of murder in an Italian court, American exchange student Amanda Knox is a murderer, legally-speaking. But a cover story in The Stranger, a weekly newspaper in Knox’s hometown of Seattle, offers a different take. “She didn’t do it!” screams the headline – Oreagon Live

Stranger Danger

She Didn’t Do It – From What I Know of Her, I Know Amanda Knox Didn’t Kill Meredith Kercher—and It’s Obvious Who Did, by Madison Paxton

In Seattle, my would-be roommate needs little introduction. Her name is Amanda Knox. Not Foxy Knoxy, Angel Face, Dark Lady from Seattle, Luciferina, or she-devil. Her name is Amanda. As of December 4, she is a convicted killer, a far cry from the kindhearted girl whose love for life, the outdoors, and this beautiful city made her a perfect match for Seattle.

Can anyone who knew the child ever think the adult guilty? Paxton weight the evidence form thousands of miles away and concludes:

On top of the lack of forensic evidence, the theory of her guilt simply doesn’t make sense. There is no proven murder weapon, no motive, no believable theory, and no DNA clearly linking Amanda or Raffaele to the crime scene. Sometimes the simplest explanation is true. One person’s DNA is all over the crime scene, one person fled Italy, one person has a history of violence and breaking and entering. That person is Rudy, and Rudy alone – The Stranger

The Black Man Did It

Am I alone in my amazement at the sentences in this trial? The youngest defendant, aged 22, got 30 years, whereas the older two got lesser sentences. This seems for Rudy Guede to be a rather blatant example of being on trial while black – not that any of it is pardonableAnn Fergusson

Let’s Blame The Italians

The Italian president of the Italy-USA Foundation says:

“I believe it is out of place to insert anti-Americanism, as stated by American Sen. Maria Cantwell, into a situation like this that can be easily exploited,” wrote Rocco Girlanda, president of the Italy-USA Foundation, in a news release posted on the foundation’s website. “In my opinion it would have been more correct to avoid creating controversy or alleged affairs of the state that are totally outside the official declarations of the parties and of their respective governments” – Seattle PI

Shit Happens

This letter, printed in The Observer, offers a slightly different perspective: “My daughter was a student with Meredith in Perugia. They went out together on Halloween. When Amanda Knox was asked how she felt on November 2, she said: “S*** happens”, which contrasts rather sharply with the rather contrived way she addressed the Italian court about “my friend Meredith” – Sue Carroll, Daily Mirror

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