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Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus The BBC’s Justin Webb

by | 15th, December 2009

CLIMATE Change heated debate in Copenhagen: Arnold Schwarzenegger Versus The BBC’s Justin Webb. Says Arnie:

I believe technology and economic focus will overtake the political and regulatory efforts of national governments. We’re beginning on a historic, great transformation, a new economic foundation for the 21st century and beyond.

“The world’s governments alone can’t make progress, the kind of progress needed on global climate change. They need everyone coming together, working together, they need the cities, the states, the provinces and the regions.

“They need the corporations, the activists, the scientists and the universities, the individuals whose vision and determination create movement.”

On the BBC Radio 4, Justin Webb has interviewed Sir David King, King want a weather man on the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee. Webb says the scinces is not settled. He mentions the CRU emails.

Webb: So, it’s someone being there constantly lobbying?

King: Well, it’s rather like the fact that there is a labour market economist on the MPC itself designed to stop monetarists ridding roughshod over the jobless people. In other words, that person has a particular hat to wear and I’m saying what about putting somebody on there who understands energy, energy technology, low carbon moves, and wears that hat and can express it right there when policies are being decided on…

Webb: …you look at the University of East Anglia emails, though, and you do wonder actually whether [laughs] putting someone there would make them a target, quite apart from anyone else, from their own colleagues. It’s not settled enough, is it, to have someone doing the job and everyone accepting that they were doing the right job?

King: Good heavens! What are you saying is not settled enough? The science of climate change?

Webb: No, not the science, but the arguments, the flurries of discussion and dissent among the scientists themselves and to have someone there…
King: …there is very little discussion and dissent among the scientists. That is a total misreading of the theft of the UEA emails.

Webb: Well, you can see it in the emails, can’t you?

King: I’m sorry, that is an interpretation of the emails. The scientific community is at one voice on the issue. Is the planet warming up at the moment? That was the issue around the emails and our Met Office, not involved in the issue, has published its own set of data this week demonstrating that, of course, we know that icebergs are melting, we’re losing ice around the planet. Every single piece of evidence from satellites, from temperature measurements is showing that the temperature has risen by 0.75C…

Webb: OK, and you want that information to be there at the top table in the Treasury and the Bank of England. Sir David, thank you very much.

So much for debate. Arnie’s right – just get on with it…

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