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Tiger Woods: Three More Fail To Deny Sex With Woods

by | 15th, December 2009

TIGER Woods is the topic of much thrashing about in the forums: – none of the people below have publicly denied shagging Tiger Woods:

THE newspapers never told Eleanor Roosevelt President Roosevelt had mistresses and, in fact, was with one when he died. They never told Jackie Kennedy John Kennedy had a woman made available everywhere he went and had threesomes in the White House swimming pool. That was all public knowledge but the press kept their noses out of it and didn’t run the stories – Cheryl

HEARD the phrase absolute power corrupts absolutely? The same adage works if you use absolute fame. Tiger Woods is/was a supreme athlete at the top of his game. He was the prowling, fittest and toughest bear on the block. What he lacked was the ability to handle or control himself out of competition.

Some appear to be missing the point. When you become a top politician, sports person or any kind of celebrant at the feet of the Money God, the public are the ones who are providing the megabucks. You are public property and accountable.

If you prove to have feet of clay and act like an alley cat then you are going to have your face rubbed in the manure heap or have your gonads snipped off – AGW
POOR Tigga doesn’t want Eyeore, Pooh, Rabbit, Owl or – god forbid – little Christopher Robbin to see photos of Tigga without his fur on. Poor Tigga – The Real Stig

JOIN US – You don’t want to be the only one who hasn’t shagged him, do you?


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