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Brazilian Boy Turned Into Human Voodoo Doll: X Ray

by | 17th, December 2009

boy-needlesTHE X Ray is of the insides of a Brazilian toddler with as many as 40 sewing needles inside him. Roberto Carlos Magalhaes tells police he inserted the needles under instruction from his mistress who told him to kill the child.

The boy, from Ibotirama, is in intensive care at a hospital, having been taken to hospital in the by his mother. Says police chief Helder Fernandes Santana

“He did that for revenge, to get back at his wife. His mistress told him to kill the child through a macabre ritual.”

It’s all pretty revolting. But not revolting enough for all news organs, with Sky upping the needle count to 50.


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Chen Liu, who was also known as Anthony, had 30 nails gunned into his head. His body was found in Sydney.

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