Anorak News | BBC Readers Vote ‘Yes’ To Execute Gays In Uganda And Britain

BBC Readers Vote ‘Yes’ To Execute Gays In Uganda And Britain

by | 17th, December 2009

ON The BBC Have Your Say website – Anorak’s Ed Barrett writes a wonderful parody in Private Eye magazine called On The Mesage Boards (look out for his terrific new blog on Anorak soon) – the locals are discusing the execution of homosexuals in Uganda and Britain.

Anton Vowl writes:

The question asked is the family-friendly public-service debate: should homosexuals face execution?

Chris in Guildford agrees that this should be imposed in the UK. He also says that gay people should be taken away to a remote island to die out.

That’s my licence fee paying for him to say that and have it broadcast nationally. And that’s the most recommended comment. Oh, how proud I am of the BBC, and the British public, right now.

*update* That comment has gone now, which is something I suppose, although it did pas through moderation in the first place, despite appearing to break the house rules on homophobia. This one is still there, to keep the state-funded hatred going:

Another readers writes:

The basic act of homosexuality may be abhorent to some, but apparently it is not this one act the constitutes homosexuality, as practioners would have you believe it is a cultural/lifestyle thing that is totally in keeping with the 21st century. It is though based solely on this one act, and doesn’t merit “rights”. The death penalty – no. Just pay more taxes than hetros.

The Big Fish, Stockport, United Kingdom

As he says:

Great idea there, The Big Fish, but what happens when they get sick of taxation without representation and refuse to pay the tariff? It starts with the Boston Bumsex Party, then they’ll have a revolutionary war, then before you know it they’ve gained independence and they’re the major economic superpower on the planet. With fabulous hair to boot.

The Awl has more:

moreThe last word is:


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