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Joe McElderry V Rage Against The Machine On The BBC: X Factory Versus Corporate Rebellion

by | 17th, December 2009

6283237THAT’S not Joe McElderry on BBC Radio Five Live, it’s Rage And The Machine, the band with the crap name launching into an uncensored version of their song Killing In The Name Of.

Nicky Campbell and Shelagh Fogarty are aghast as they broadcast five belts of “f*** you I won’t do what you tell me“.

Five Live has never heard the likes, well, not since the football was broadcast a few afternoons earlier. And five times too. Tsk! Says Fogarty:

“Sorry, we needed to get rid of that, because that suddenly turned into something we were not expecting…Well, we were expecting it and asked them not to, but they did it anyway.”

So you invited an over-hyped band that sings a sweary song into the BBC’s studio and told them not to sing their sweary song, which you knew they’d sing? This bullishit is then added to by Rage’s frontman Zack De La Rocha chirping on the rebel yell BBC:

“I think it’s kind of a wonderful statement kids all over the UK have responded and I think that says something about the real tendons that people are experienced all over the UK.”

Yeah, he’s down wiv da kids – the rebellious ones, too, who all buy charts hits. What a ****. Guitairst Tom Morello then adds, sounding like  a politcian:

“This is a really completely grassroots campaign started by real fans of music. People in the UK are tired of being spoonfed schmaltzy balled after the other and they want to take back their charts and we’re honoured that they’ve chosen our song to be the rebel anthem to be the song to topple the X Factor monoply.”

What a bunch of *****.

Tom adds:

“Simon Cowell is someone who’s profited greatly out of humiliating people on live television and people and has a huge influence over the television and the airwaves. We see this as a necessary break in the chain of that control.”

So says the band signed to bedroom, indy outfit Sony.

“It’s an excellent lesson that when people band together and make their voices heard, they can completely overturn the system.”

What utter bollox. You get what you deserve.

Fogarty then ends with:

“So buy Joe’s records. It’s three minutes past nine. “

Or really rebel and make your own music…


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X Factor winner Joe McElderry leaves the ITV studios on the South Bank after appearing on the GMTV and This Morning shows.

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