Anorak News | Bullied Joe McElderry And Biblical Rage Against The Machine Are Both Second Rate Christmas Hits

Bullied Joe McElderry And Biblical Rage Against The Machine Are Both Second Rate Christmas Hits

by | 18th, December 2009

rage-against-the-machineJOE McElderry v Rage Against The Machine is the big Christmas fight. Can Simon Cowell’s sense of entitlement to the Christmas No.1 be undone by an internet campaign to get Rage Against The Machine’s In The Name Of to the top spot? (Join the debate.) Will a big hit encourage RATM to reform?

But on the Mirror’s front page news that Cowell is upset:

“MY RAGE AGAINST THE BEEB MACHINE – Cowell accuses Beeb of bias in Xmas fight for No.1”

This would be the bias in which BBC Radio Five host Shelagh Fogarty ended an interview with RATM by advising listening: “So buy Joe’s records”?A “source”, possibly in Cowell’s marketing department, pops up to say:

Most of the radio phone-ins and coverage on the chart battle seems to be about Rage. Simon is not upset about losing money or anything like that. He just wants Joe to have a fair chance and an opportunity to get a debut No1”.

On the bright side, Joe not getting a fair chance – the TV show, the tabloid push not being enough to hoist McElderry’s watery version of another singer’s recent song to the top –  should mean that he’s able to play the victim. Look out for Joe arriving on Britain’s Got Talent to say how he was bullied in a web campaign and this is his one chance to fulfil his dream of following Bob The Builder and Mr Blobby to the Christmas No.1 One slot.

And Joe is being bullied. So says Simon Cowell:

You have a teenager with his first single being attacked by a huge hate mob on Facebook. It almost feels like a little kid being bullied. It feels like a spiteful campaign aimed at an 18-year-old who won a talent competition.”

This is the same Simon Cowell whose shows snigger at the ugly and the hopeless as he searches for a metaphor to describe his disgust, who invites other “judges” to join in the bile and sneering?

Cowell adds:

“It’s David versus Goliath and it’s not fair on Joe.”

But which is which?

TV’s biggest bully calls the facebook campaigners bullies? David v Goliath? I don’t think he even sees the irony in that comment,the whole campaign is based on the fact that he and X-factor are the Goliath’s,and the David’s of the music industry don’t get a look in.

Truth is that neither song is all that good. Little Geordie Joe-nas against RATM is fight between two unmemorable songs. If you want to hear a real Christmas No.1 charity single, here goes:


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