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Gareth Thomas Can’t Be Gay, He’s Got Muscles And Is Good At Sports

by | 19th, December 2009

8113605GARETH Thomas, hulking Welsh rugby player, is gay. Rugby fans already knew that. Thomas came out three years ago. He’s had to endure a few mocking comments from the terraces in club games. But not many. But today the The Daily Mail delivers:

British Lions rugby legend Gareth Thomas: ‘It’s ended my marriage and nearly driven me to suicide. Now it’s time to tell the world the truth – I’m gay’

TB looks at the story:

THE Daily Mail has always been a middle-of-the-road tabloid and a primary source for gossip and entertainment news, sho it’s a little surprising today to see the old school homophobia popping up in its exclusive report that a rugby star has announced that he’s gay.

Yes, British Lions legend Gareth Thomas is a poof. And what are you going to do about it?

The Daily Mail will report the news about the 35-year-old former Wales and Lions captain, uh… straight-faced:

“…he has one of the fiercest reputations on the field, and a row of missing front teeth to prove it.

“At 6ft 3in and 16st of pure muscle, his masculinity has always been an absolute given.”

The notion that masculinity and athletic prowess are somehow at odds with same-sex preference is quaint to say the least, but the old-school double standards rears its head there, but it’s the punning that follows that belongs back at boarding school where the older boys — you get the picture:

“…But, as he admits in the Daily Mail today, it was all a pretence, a fragile artifice – and one which came crashing down around his ears on November 4, 2006, following a Wales game in Cardiff…

“Breaking down in tears in the changing rooms of the Millennium Stadium, Gareth finally realised he could not go on living a lie. Keeping his true sexuality a secret was destroying him.”

Really? A ‘fragile artifice’? ‘Crashing down around his ears’? The big macho rugger weeping like a ninny? Really?

But the story hinges on the fact that none of his team-mates care that he’s gay:

Since that confession to his closest circle of friends three years ago, Gareth says his team-mates at his club, the Cardiff Blues, now know – and apparently don’t care.

Of course, Mail readers know better, especially those self-conscious ex-pats who make up a large chunk of people bored enough and bothered to write back:

It won’t change things though, homosexual athletes won’t be accepted in these sports for a long time. They are ok in figure ice scating. Imagine coming out in major league football – you may as well retire to save yourself from the relentless onslaught in every game. I remember one English player who stood up for his homosexuality only to hang him himself a little later…

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