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Celebrity Big Brother: Peter Andre Stars

by | 20th, December 2009

peter1NEWS is that Peter Andre will “star” in Celebrity Big Brother. It will take £500,000 to have Peter Andre locked in a sealed unit in Elstree for a couple of months. He will be filmed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Plus ca chance, for Peter. It’s value for money.

Problem is that the Star’s front page is based on an idea rather than a fact:

CELEBRITY Big Brother bosses are so desperate to get Peter Andre on the final series they have told him to “name his price”.

Name his price must be pun because the aim of getting pop acorn Andre into the CBB house is for him to name only one price: Katie Price. The Express boasts of an exclusive interview with Peter. So, Peter, will you be on CBB and have you been offered that huge sum of money?

Turns out that the Star never gets around to asking Andre the question that gives it a front-page shocker. Instead readers learn from Peter Andre that he is having a brilliant time, is loved by many and looking forward to more brilliant times ahead.

How the Star must hope Peter goes on the show. That way it won’t even have to call up Peter’s agent to get front-page news. It can just switch on the telly and tell all the millions not watching CBB what Peter says about Katie Price…

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