Anorak News | Joe McElderry ‘Cracks’ Under Strain From ‘Cruel’ Rage Againt The Machine

Joe McElderry ‘Cracks’ Under Strain From ‘Cruel’ Rage Againt The Machine

by | 20th, December 2009

joe-rage3THE marketing war between X Factor’s adequate Joe McElderry (“it’s me dream”) and angry Rage Against The Machine (join the debate) is resulting in a price war. You can download McElderry’s average version of Miley Cyrus’s The Climb for just 29 pence. That down from its original price of 79p. Hey, there’s a war on – buy two or three copies.

Well so reports the Mail, whish says the slashed price is a sign that the “pressure” is getting to Joe. Trouble with this exclusive is that the song costs 29p in Asda, as it always has.

Joe has been given access to a computer and allowed to do his own marketing. On Twitter he writes:

‘You can download my single for 29p from this link.’

Right now RAT are lading the race to be the novelty Christmas No.1. Can a cheaper Joe seduce more shoppers looking for an emergency last minute Christmas present?

Everyone Who Supports Rage Against The Machine Is Wrong

Can Joe do something – anything – to make himself look less that a Disney character and more like a popstar? On cue, the Simon Cowell trumpeting Times (Simon Cowell And The Times Share The X Factor) delivers:

X Factor’s Joe McElderry: Sex, drugs and selling his soul

Can the same thing be sold twice?

Camilla Long introduces the “X Factor laureate” who says Simon Cowell is a “really, really nice, a laid-back man, comes down to the studio and has a chat with everyone”. Says Camilla:

Cruelly, in a — doubtless futile — attempt to prevent Cowell’s reality juggernaut from automatically triumphing, Killing in the Name, a single by the American rock outfit Rage Against the Machine, has been promoted as a spoiler.

Boo. Hiss. RATM are ruining the dream. But having told us that Joe-nas is great, heard that Simon Cowell is greater still and that RATM and their Facebook campaigners are “cruel”. Camilla Long ends with:

What’s the best advice Cowell has given him? “Give 110%.”

Yes, Joe. To him.

It’s all about the money. Hey, it’s Christmas…

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