Anorak News | Christmas Nostalgia Wins As Rage Against The Machine’s Old Song Beats Joe McElderry X Factor Dirge

Christmas Nostalgia Wins As Rage Against The Machine’s Old Song Beats Joe McElderry X Factor Dirge

by | 21st, December 2009

jimll-fix-it-for-joe-mcelderryRAGE Against The Machine (their career in pictures)  follows Mr Blobby, Bob the Builder, Cliff Richard (3) and X Factor winners (4) into the pop annals as the Christmas No.1.

The cover of the Sun predicts RATM front man Zack de La Rocha with devil horns. To his side is Joe McElderry wearing a Joe-nas Brother ™ purity ring halo.

Well done, Sony, which has both acts on the books. Well done to Simon Cowell, whose latest product sold 450,000 records. This is the Simon Cowell who told us that if Jedward won the X Factor he’d leave the country. They lost and he left anyhow. He’s in Barbados.

RATM’s Tom Morello says:

“Killing In The name is an anthem of rebellion and of liberation… It was about breaking the stranglehold these insipid X Factor ballads have had on the UK and this idea of a guaranteed No.1 single a prize on a TV show.”

Not so says the Star, which blames “Arctic” conditions for preventing fans from popping to the shop to buy Joe’s song.

Says Cowell on the Mirror’s front page:

“I now realise I’ve taken too much for granted. I have got to hold my hands up. I accept there are people that don’t like the X Factor.”

So here’s the X Factor on the front pages of the papers weeks after the show ended. Here’s Joe McElderry being talked about over and over and over. Here’s to his massive record sales.

Here’s Simon Cowell offering jobs to John and Tracy Morter, whose Facebook campaign to get RATM to the No.1 spot worked. Here’s rebellious, liberating pop being welcomed into Cowell’s hairy corporate bosom.

Here are the masses getting what they deserve – a nostalgic old song at number one for Christmas.

Plus ca change…

Next week,  Joe puts his name to Simon Cowell’s letter to Jimmy Savile: “Dear, Jim, will you fix it for me to win…”

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