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Piers Morgan Is The Fossil Fuel Face Of NPower’s Klimate Kops

by | 21st, December 2009

WHO better to launch Npower’s ‘No Power Hour’ campaign, which encourages the public to complete one “no power hour” at any point over the Christmas holidays, and reduce their electricity usage than Piers Morgan?

Never tired to promoting himself, Piers Morgan is the Kapo of the Npower Klimate Kops. He stars on the clockwork telly in shows in the UK and America. He fronted a TV shows on such Al Gorean Shangri-las as Dubai, Monte Carlo and Hollywood. He has test driven three gas guzzlers at the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex:

I was particularly pleased to accept Live’s invitation to test drive them because I lost my driver’s licence four months ago for speeding. This was my third such offence, so yes ? in the words of Goose from Top Gun ? I often ‘feel the need, the need for speed’.

This is Piers Morgan who posed as the face and tits of Burger King, perveryors of processed farting cows. Morgan who writes:

I’m back off to LA for six weeks. In the sumptuous first-class BA lounge at Terminal 5 this morning, I bumped into Jemima Khan.

This is the Piers Morgan who wants you turn off the eletricity to save the planet. When he’ll turning off the power, his blog doesn’t say. Perhaps it will be when he’s sat somewhere warm reading his autobiography?

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