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Tiger Woods Fails Academy Test And Divorce Sensation

by | 21st, December 2009

tiger-woods-super-bikeTIGER Woods: if there is one thing we know about Tiger Woods it is that the media has no idea what he’s up to, and if it does know, it won’t always tell. (See pictures of women linked to him here NSFW) So here’s the latest news about Tiger’s marriage:

No divorce!

Tiger Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren not divorcing – confirmed – SFGATE


As his wife was understood to be drawing up plans to divorce him, members of Woods’s close-knit circle of friends told the New York Daily News he had ignored their warnings that his serial philandering was likely to be exposed – Telegraph


Tiger Woods’ jilted wife has yet to decide if she will leave her superstar husband – amid reports she could lose up to £30 million in an early divorce – Mirror

Definitely maybe!

TMZ reports that Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren “is not going to file for divorce immediately,” but she is apparently hung up on two issues: the longevity of one of Tiger’s alleged affairs, and that he allegedly had an affair while she was pregnant. – HuffPo

In other news, Tiger Woods is something of the hypocrite, trading on that good clean image (in pictures):

Tiger and his father were partners in life and in brand Woods, jointly developing the Tiger Woods Foundation, and supporting the Earl Woods Academy. They will “promote character development and life-enhancing values through the game of golf”…

Tiger himself tells them in a letter: “This program is about your commitment to create possibilities for yourself and others.”

Tiger’s way creates lots of opportunity. See kiss ‘n’ tells:

“If you’re open to it, there is so much that will make you a great friend, a great teammate, a great son or daughter, a great brother or sister, a great student and, most important, a great person.”

No mention of being a good husband. He might not be such a hypocrite after all. But then his mum appears:

According to celebrity gossip sites, Tigers Mother Kultida is said to be “hurt, angry and disappointed”.

Back to the Academy for Tiger…

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