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The Brittany Murphy Murder: In Pictures

by | 22nd, December 2009

8151324BRITTANY Murphy: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at the death of Brittany Murphy in the news, featuring cocaine, anorexia, Simon Monjack and pharma parties.

The cause of Brittany Murphy’s death was a heart attack. There has been an autopsy
To discover what caused the heart attack. Mr Brittany Murphy, ask Simon Monjack, has reportedly said that no autopsy should be carried out.

In pictures: Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

The media gets to work making sideways looks and nudging you in the ribs:

The Sun says British-born Monjack was once arrested by immigration officials in April 2007 for overstaying his visa.

A month alter he married Brittany and was forced to deny hurtful rumours [now published in the Sun] that the wedding was arranged to avoid deportation.”

The word hurtful is not of the Sun’s design. Hurtful is what Murphy and Monjack said about the “preposterous lies”, those “hurtful” reports on their private lives. The Sun listens. The Sun says Monjack once failed to pay rent on a flat. He had been married before, to a Simone Bienne and went to court over a settlement. There was a judgment made against him by Coutts & Company, “the Queen’s bankers”. How low can you get – getting into a row with a nice old lady like the Queen?

Each line is a poke in the readers’ ribs, a sideways look, a nudge and a wink. Brittany Murphy is dead and the press are assassianting her inncoent husband.

Over on Sky News, we get to examine the corpse:

Brittany Murphy is reported to have been very thin before her death. Speculation is mounting that 32-year-old Murphy’s sudden death was linked to drugs or anorexia…

Sky then does that trick of reporting on any scurrilous rumour published by the corporate gossip blog TMZ:

Los Angeles based celebrity website TMZ has reported there was “a significant amount of vomit” in the bathroom area and that there were a lot of prescriptions in the house.

Vomit. Prescription dugs. One plus one equals wild speculation. Anyone else feel a bit queasy at the dead woman’s reamins being picked over? Having delivered readers a glance into the scene where a young woman died, Sky’s Tom Bonnett points the finger:

But her husband, British screenwriter Simon Monjack, has said she was suffering from laryngitis.

“BRITT COPS FIND LARGE PILLS STASH,” screams the Mirror. What pills? How many? Don’t know. Don’t know.

In any case, what killed Brittany Murphy what triggered the heart attack wasn’t drug or thinness. It was “swine flu”. So says the Daily Star on its front page:

“Tragic Hollywood star Brittany Murphy was killed by swine flu…”


“…it was claimed last night.”

So she wasn’t killed by swine flu. She had been taking some anti-flu pills, allegedly. But as for being killed by swine flu, well, that’s what non-tabloid journalist might call “bollocks”.

This front-page news is based on the non-medical opinion of LA Times hack Pat Morrison, who pops up on Radio Five Live to say:

“I’m wondering if it isn’t the flu – the N1N1 virus with perhaps an underlying weakness in the system.”

The Hollywood system? Dr Pat Morrison (school of hackology) says:

She was nauseous and vomiting before her death and cardiac arrest is often linked to this type of flu.”

It is? Again no facts. No data.

The Daily Mail adds that Brittany Murphy’s death “may be linked to an addiction to prescrition drugs”.

Brittany Murphy Is Dead And The Media Destroys Her Name

Or may not. but in case it is, ehre;s the paper’s Sue Reid to tell readers:


If you take lots of drugs you risk death? The Mail talks of “pharma parties” with teens getting off their faces on legal drugs. Or as the Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Brown says:

Brittany Murphy: Surely this is not another cocaine related death?

Yeah, surely. Which is why the certainty is equipped with a question mark, Mr Brown.

So it was drugs, right?

The tragic news of Brittany Murphy’s death was first reported Sunday morning and throughout the day details have emerged pointing to the possible cause of suicide.

Let’s review the facts: Brittany Murphy was killed by lo-cal swine flu drugs laced with cocaine to hide her shame at her husband’s treachery? Anyone mention murder yet, homicide, assassination or global warming? Give it time….

More facts to follow…

In pictures: Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

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