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Brittany Murphy, Simon Monjack, Drugs And Lindsay Lohan: In Pictures

by | 23rd, December 2009

lohan-beachBRITTANY Murphy has died and the papers are filling in the space between news of what drugs were or were not in her system by destroying Simon Monjack, her grieving husband..

BRITTANY Murphy has died and the deckchairs on the Hollywood ship are rearranged to make room for Lindsay Lohan. Thanks to Twitter, we all have a direct conduit to the celebrity mourner. Says Lindsay Lohan:

“My deepest condolences go out to all of Brittany Murphy’s loved ones and may she rest in peace. … She was a great talent w/a beautiful soul xo.”

The part about the soul is mawkish. But Lohan does as expected. Nothing reminds the world that you are alive better than one of your peers dying. So enjoy these self-published pictures of Lohan on the beach.

In pictures: Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

Meanwhile, the Sun lists on its front page the drugs found in Murphy’s home. Don’t bother working out what they are (you can read the details on the labels in your own bathroom cabinet later), just know that it is a:


Whose death? Brittany Murphy is already dead. The toxicology report from her remains is not yet known. So look forward to the tabloids spending the next four to six weeks before the results are known keeping this story alive by looking at Simon Monjack.

Monjack, who wed Brittany in 2007, said the star suffered from mitral valve prolapse – a heart murmur that can cause tiredness, dizziness and irregular heartbeats. But the London-born screenwriter – who has a credit on SIENNA MILLER film Factory Girl – said it was not life-threatening and did not need medication.

You may like to read the Sun on a sideways angle while nudging yourself in the ribs and winking:

He said: “This is what’s killing all of us. How did it happen? We all want to know why we lost our baby. My world was destroyed. She found love. We found love.”

His loss is profound. What says the Sun?

He said he did not initially want an autopsy performed on Brittany’s body – as revealed by The Sun yesterday – but realised that it was necessary.

Well, no. it was revealed by pretty much all news organs.

He said: “My initial reaction to the autopsy was, ‘They’re going to cut her open.’ I couldn’t bear it. That would break her mother. But we realised we needed to know. I look forward to getting the results.”

Having introduced the legal drugs and made mention of Simon Monjack’s health and his past, the Mirror leads with “Britt’s final shoot”. Wanna see sexy shots of the dead star?

In pictures: Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

Readers get three pictures of Murphy looking good in promos for a film. The “exclusive” is a look at publicity shots. And all around Murphy’s pretty head the Mirror lists the names on the drugs packets and bottles found in the home.

As ever the target is Monjack who was “blasted” by Murphy’s brother Jeff Bertolotti for “not taking better care of her”.

Well, no. That’s wrong. What Mr Bertolotti actually said was:

I’m not saying it’s their (her friends’) fault, but I do think they should have taken care of her better. I think she should have been cared for. Look, if she died at 32, something is not right. What happened? I don’t get it. At 32-years-old something happened. I don’t know what. I’m sure there was no foul play. It’s just that something is wrong… It’s heartbreaking. I was crazy about that kid.”

No specific mention of Monjack. But Monjack is the tabloids’ target so why not destroy and bury him while you are waiting for Murphy’s results to provide more sensational news?

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