Anorak News | The Barack Obama Death Cult Introduces Kristy Lee Roshia

The Barack Obama Death Cult Introduces Kristy Lee Roshia

by | 23rd, December 2009

roshiaTHE BARACK Obama Death Cult introduces the Michelle Obama Death Threat, brought to you by Kristy Lee Roshia. Anorak has keeping tabs on the media obsession with Obama’s death.

Tom Bonnett tells Sky News:

A woman accused of threatening to “blow away” Michelle Obama on the family’s Christmas trip to Hawaii has been arrested by the US Secret Service.

Thank goodness they spotted the threat. How’s that for sterling detective work?

Kristy Lee Roshia called the Boston office of the Secret Service and told them “I will kill Michelle Obama“.

Always good to get a heads up. And helpful that Mr Roshia gave her name and phone number. It makes detection so much simpler.

During the same call she threatened to “blow away” the first lady, the Affidavit states. The 35-year-old told agents she knew where the Obama family would be staying when they visited Honolulu for the festive season.

So it was close? Michelle Obama was in real danger?!

She was arrested just two miles from the house they had booked.

As close as that, eh? If she can get that close then surely Roshia could have got even closer, dodged the cameras, the fences, the police, the CIA, the bodyguards, the helicopters and the dogs and made it to within a few hundred meters of Obama. Then her mission might have gotten tricky.

Roshia has been charged with threatening a family member of the president and assaulting a federal agent after being arrested.

And she is dangerous:

She is alleged to have struck an officer in the face and arms while the officer tried to detain her.

What else do we know about this dangerous woman making news around the world?

Roshia has a history of making rambling telephone calls to the Secret Service office in Boston…

It’s the Barack Obama Death Cult – the media can’t wait for it to happen…

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