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Dancing On Ice Atack: Armed Heather Mills In Fight To The Death

by | 23rd, December 2009

sealsMORE Dancing On Ice news as the Daily Star delivers “MACCA V MUCCA – Couple go to war on telly dance show”

THE vicious family feud between ice queen Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney is to re-ignite live on telly.

Lady Mucca is armed with a blade on the end of a detachable leg. She’s Rosa Klebb in sequins and spandex. Against her stands Paul McCartney, who with his bobbling head is presents a moving target. Who wins?

One-legged Heather, 41, will face off against the singer’s cousin in Dancing On Ice. Insiders say blonde bombshell Emily Atack, 20, wants to be the ranting model’s “worst nightmare” on the rink.

Emily Atack is starting a fight with Heather Mills. (More nominative determinism.) As for the story, Atack is not Paul McCartney, as the front-page headline states. But she is related to him. And you thought everyone in Liverpool was related to Ringo Starr? No, dear readers, that’s just the cab drivers:

The feisty actress cannot wait to get even with the woman who broke her second cousin’s heart in front of the nation.

Paul McCartney’s second cousin on pro-celebrity dance show!

Blonde Emily, who has starred in Channel 4 sitcom The Inbetweeners, is the daughter of actress and impressionist Kate Robbins, 49, who is Paul’s cousin. Her spokesman said: “Emily will obviously treat her exactly the same as she would any other contestant.”

Paul McCartney’s second cousin once removed with showbiz leg-up in televised pro-celebrity dance show with Beatles singer’s ex wife!


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