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Merry Christmas From Jade Goody: In Pictures

by | 24th, December 2009

untitled3JADE Goody is now a nostalgic part of Christmas. She’s on the front page of the Sun, chiefly because she’s still not alive. We says Jade get an Easter Egg at Easter. Now it’s Christmas.

It might well be what Jade would have wanted. Having been diagnosed on the telly with the cervical cancer that would ultimately kill her, Jade then invited cameras to follow her decline and sold her harrowing tale of a young mum dying to OK! magazine to earn as much money as possible to look after her sons.

A young woman died. It was a tragic story. It was even more tragic when OK! killed her off before she’d died, publishing a souvenir post-death issue as Jade stubbornly continued to breathe.

To the media the Jade Goody story is something other than sad. On the cover of the Sun we see lady Jackiey Budden, Jade’s mum, kissing her daughter’s headstone. It is “Christmas without Jade”.

Only, it isn’t because Jade on the cover of the Sun.

With the pain of her unbearable loss still etched across her face, Jackiey Budden braved the freezing cold to be with her daughter for an hour.

This is the Sun, part of the tabloid pack that fed off the “pig” called Jade, the “dimwit, foul-mouthed” Jade, and subjected her to a torrent of abuse. If we weren’t so cynical we’d expect the Sun felt guilty about abusing a woman but instead we imagine it’s just using Jade as a cheap, mawkish story to slap on the front page while the hacks are off in the corporate gym working out its “Pride of Heaven” awards.

Jade Goody is now lamented by reality TV – this latest outing occurring in the days running up to the last every Celebrity Big Brother – but by the press who loved to stick Jade on their covers to sell papers.

Jackiey Budden is pictured decorating the Christmas Tree and Grave of the the late TV Reality legend Jade Goody.

That “the the” is not a typo but the Sun’s Richard White showing how much he care’s with literally blubbing.

Heartbroken Jackiey was fighting to hold back her tears, but still managed a brave smile as she whispered words of love while kneeling next to her daughter’s simple wooden cross.

It’s not so simple by the time Jackiey’s finished with it:

“I just needed to be near my beautiful baby girl and make sure her grave was perfect for Christmas. She always loved this time of year and I couldn’t bear the thought of her not having her own tree. So I have this one with all the decorations and made sure everything is how Jade would want it.”

In which case pour on some alcopops and let’s have a party…


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A graffiti artist's depiction of Jade Goody appearing as Mother Teresa outside Saint Mary's Church in Nottingham

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