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Destroying Brittany Murphy: Simon Monjack Admits, And Blaming Ashton Kutcher

by | 26th, December 2009

monjack-murphy2BRITTANY Murphy is dead. She died the bathroom. The actress has been buried. And the media is still tying to bury her husband Simon Monjack. Today, as the husband grieves for his loss, the Daily Mail delivers the Christmas message of cheer and goodwill:

Has Mr Brittany Murphy got something to hide?

She’s dead. Brittany Murphy is dead. The actress has died. Did anyone think to tell the Mail? She’s not hiding. She’ is resting. Permanently. But not in peace.

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The voice at the end of the line was barely coherent. ‘I have not slept for more than two days,’ explained Simon Monjack, when we spoke to him on the phone earlier this week.

The grieving husband, the distraught man spending Christmas without his love, is on the phone. And this is Simon Monjack:

Simon Monjack: He has a talent for attracting adverse publicity

In that case, he’s not that talented. Before Brittany Murphy died, Mr Monjack appeared in one Daily Mail story, and then as a namecheck as the Mail told readers: “Now Brittany Murphy unveils a ‘trout pout‘.”

Brittany Murphy Is Dead And The Media Destroys Her Name

Now the Mail loves looking at him.

Under different circumstances, it would have been impossible not to take his words at face value: simply those of a grief-stricken husband who had lost the love of his life.

So he’s a liar?

You might wonder, though, why Mr Monjack, 39, decided to return our call in person — within 15 minutes of Miss Murphy’s publicist being contacted by the Mail. Or why he agreed to be interviewed on American TV only a matter of hours after Miss Murphy was pronounced dead in hospital before going on to give a major interview to a U.S. magazine.

Dunno. Why? Maybe he wasn’t thinking straight?

Normally this comes later, much later. But, then, how many bereaved husbands have to defend themselves against the kind of allegations Mr Monjack is facing?

What allegations? No evidence of any foul play in Brittany Murphy’s death. Just a spiteful press trying to dig and dig and dig and dig a huge hole to chuck Mr Monjack into:

In fact, he has been nicknamed ‘Con-Jack’ in America. Among the ‘charges’ are allegations of credit card fraud, running up huge debts, visa violations and getting his wife fired from her last film after turning up drunk on set.

And this means he’s involved in his wife’s death, how?

‘I know I have been called a conman,’ Mr Monjack told us. ‘I am not perfect. I never said I was. But there has been so much rubbish written about me and Brittany. Most of what you read is made up.’

So he wants to tell it like it is. But whatever he says the Mail still delivers the headline:

Has Mr Brittany Murphy got something to hide?

Nevertheless, despite his public denials of any wrong-doing this week, the question many in Hollywood are asking is: how did the beautiful and talented Brittany Murphy, best known for her roles in Clueless, 8 Mile and Girl, Interrupted, ever get involved with the overweight Monjack, whose talents as a ‘screenwriter, director, and producer’ are much less discernible?

He’s fat?! Well, that’s that then. Send the man down. Fat. Scum. Doe she smoke. Go on, tell us that he smokes as well…

The Mail says he’s “dishevelled”. Says he:

‘My problem is that I do not look like Ashton Kutcher [a former boyfriend of Miss Murphy’s now married to Demi Moore]. Nor do they like the fact that she [Brittany] married someone who was not famous. Here, stars like stars to marry other stars.’

What odds a tabloid reads that and concludes that he’s blaming Ashton Kutcher? And what of those drugs:

‘I know what the inference is by all those pills,’ he told us. ‘That she was some kind of addict, but addicts hide away their pills. They do not leave them on the nightstand like Brittany.

‘Some of them were old and date back to when Brittany had some ailment or other. You know how people accumulate things and never throw them away.’

Yep. People do. So here’s the understanding Mail:

Perhaps. But, as with so much in his life, it would be much easier to believe Mr Monjack if his nickname wasn’t Simon ‘Con-Jack’.

That’s the nickname you never knew he had until the Mail told you…

As for Brittany Murphy’s death, the NY Post tells readers:

Murphy’s death, like that of Heath Ledger and Anna Nicole Smith, is another unnecessary death

There are necessary deaths?

In pictures: Brittany Murphy (1977-2009)

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