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Why Westboro Baptist Church Hates Lady GaGa

by | 27th, December 2009

god-hates-ladygagaCHRISTMAS time is great. All the usual media traditions are there: the BBC blaming the Jews for killing Palestinian “civilians”, American justice jailing Richard and Mayumi Heene for duping the world into thinking they were tuning into see a dead child attached to a balloon (the disappointment was just awful), and the good folks at the Westboro Baptist Church revealing that the God of love hates pretty much the same people as they do.

Not only does “God Hates Fags”, “God Not Keen On Heath Ledger” but now He wants to tell us how much he hates – HATES! – “proud whore” Lady GaGa.

Spokespersons for God should mass at Lady (of the night”) Gaga’s January 7th St. Louis concert to be outraged and turned on to point of foaming at the openings. Followed by drinks and nibbles…

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