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Jade Goody Is Dancing With Michael Jackson

by | 27th, December 2009

7364007HAVING spotted Jade Goody’s mum Jackiey Budden by her daughter’s grave for a tabloid Christmas special, the Sunday Mirror hears from Jade Goody’s husband Jeff Brazier. It is:

Our Christmas without Jade

Having experienced Easter without Jade, and already made the best of Christmas without Jade, this is more like the Christmas Sales without Jade, to be followed by New Year without Jade, Valentine’s Day without Jade, Mother’s Day without Jade and every slow news day when hacks are off in the corporate gyms with Jade.

Bobby and Freddy miss their mummy so much. They think she’s up there dancing with Michael Jackson. It was their first Christmas without her…but Jade Goody’s little ­sons Bobby and Freddy were ­determined to make sure their mummy didn’t miss out.

This is so mawkish that anyone not already stuffed to the gills with Christmas chocs and sugar may feel the enamel on their teeth started to rot. Readers get to see the boys’ letter to Santa:

“Dear Mummy, I’m missing you. Please can you come back down from Heaven,” Freddy wrote.

Bobby drew a picture and wrote: “Mum, I really miss you. I love you.”

The editor of the Sunday tabloid writes: “Dear Santa, Get me something on Jade Goody. No, not a story about her being pig and a fat dimbo but something with lots of children and sadness.” Jeff goes on:

“I went to see them both in their school nativity plays. Jade would have been so proud to see Bobby now. He was the narrator and he was so confident. And I had a lump in my throat when I saw Freddy. He was a great little donkey – I was so proud of them both.”

But what can it all mean? We live in a cynical world in which Jade Goody was abused for being fat and unedumicated, abused for being the most recognisable one in a tag-team bout of Big Brother racism and who sold the live action story of her death to the highest bidder to raise as much cash as possible for her children. The Sunday Mirror adds:

After guest presenting The X Factor Final, Jeff will be taking the ITV show on the road with the X Factor tour in 2010. He is working on a pilot for a programme called Superdaddy, in which he advises separated couples how to handle their children.

Jade Goody industries remains open for business through all the holidays…

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