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Mayor Arrested For Lewd Conduct With Naked Woman Before Waffle House Diners

by | 28th, December 2009

major-taylorTHAT’S Joel H. Napier, 56, mayor of Taylor, Alabama outside the Waffle House. That’s him engaged, as is alleged, in an act of public lewdness in the front seat of a car with “almost completely nude” Cynthie Michelle Casper, 34. Says Interim Police Chief Larry Draughon:

“The officer witnessed what could be considered serious foreplay. He was fondling her. They were in the front seat.” Both were “in full view of restaurant patrons.”

He adds:

“You would think that people have a little more sense than this. Any human being ought to know that’s inappropriate. Find some woods, go to your own place. Get out of the public eye.”

This is how it works in Taylor, Alabama. The comments are equally illuminating:

* i wish they had left off her picture . Shes rougher than a corn cob on a man thats had diarrhea for a week.

* They probably didnt do anything that all the rest of us havent did . Cops should have left um alone for 5 more minutes and they would have been on their way. You aint gonna stop heing and sheing.

And the prize letter:

* Unless you were in the car with them, then you would have no idea what they really had on or what was going on. Everyone knows that the news makes it bigger then it really is. Just leave them alone and let this lie. They have been through enough and they don’t need this crap anymore. If it had been anyone else then there would be no talk. So shut up and mind your own business.

Or get a wood!

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