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Emma Chawner Walks Out On Lorraine Kelly’s Get The Stupid Fatso TV Show

by | 30th, December 2009

emma-chawner2X FACTOR reject Emma Chawner – of the fat Ramsbottom Chawner family – was the singer who “claimed that her obesity discouraged employers from hiring her” and who was ritually abused in the press and on TV by a sneering Simon Cowell. She and her roly-poly family then moved into a car, along with their dog, cat and pet bird.

Anorak supposed that the Chawners had been living inside a supermarket, and that Emma and her family could make a living climbing into the Austin Maxi of a night on Challenge TV. But we digress.

Thanks to Susan Boyle, who broke the grip of this sneering world” Emma Chawner is OK. She’s on Lorraine Kelly’s Big Challenge, a TV show in which the fat are brought down to size – literally – by a faux folksy TV presenter with a heart of gold and firm thighs.

Lorraine and the team attempt to whip the Chawners into shape by revolutionising their lifestyle through a diet and exercise regime. It’s certainly not an easy challenge for the family and we follow their journey, through all the highs and the lows…

Emma, along with her mum Audrey, dad Phil and sister Samantha, has decided it’s time to turn her life around and Lorraine Kelly and her team of health experts are on hand to help them.

Can the fat be brought into line – a big wobbly line, but, nonetheless, a line? Or can they just be whipped for our entertainment?

The Chawner family have undertaken a six month diet and lifestyle transformation regime including a tough stint at the weight loss camp Wellspring, and BIO follow every tantrum along the way. But the big question is, have the family managed to ditch their unhealthy habits?

The clue is in the world “tantrum”. This is telly designed to show the Chawners losing fluids by crying. They will be sat in massive tent-sized T-shirts before huge plates of sticky buns and treated like toddlers being made compliant by a sinewy nursey teacher armed with a huge cattle prod.

But news is that Emma has walked out of “fat camp”.

As part of the show, the sisters were sent to “fat camp” in Somerset for a month. But after two days, Emma, who weighs 17st, tried to quit after being forced to walk 10,000 steps a day.

How big is a step? And did Chawner’s walking out contribute to her keep-fat regime. Yep, keep fat. You don’t really think they’ll be super slim, do you? This is TV – it adds on 10lbs and if you’re really fat shoots you from unflattering angles to make you look even more gargantuan.

The show goes on. The fat must entertain the decent and the thinnner or die…

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