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Alicia Duvall’s Cheryl Cole Toe Job

by | 30th, December 2009

alicia-duvallALICIA Duvall is famous of going under the surgeon’s knife more often than Rihanna’s nipples have been under an umbrella.

In “I cut off my toe to get feet like Cheryl ColeNow magazine looks at “the model’s pursuit for perfection”.

After watching Cheryl Cole totter onto The X Factor stage in a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, Alicia Douvall decided to have revolutionary surgery on the overlapping toes on her size 6 feet.

Not six toes on her overlapping feet. That for later. Says she:

“I know people will think I’m mad, but my feet were so horrible.”

We know. We didn’t like to say anything. But now it’s been brought up we can breathe a huge sigh of relief. Your toes, Alicia, were the gnarled and freakish elephant tentacles in the room.

“I hated the fact that my second toes were so much longer than my big toes: they were crooked and overlapped.”

Tell us what we don’t know. We all hated them. Thankfully, for a mere £4,000, those toes have been made decent.

Well, one toe has. Anyone meeting her is advised to approach from the left and engage her in polite conversation and a hearty “thank you”. Anyone approaching from the right should be brave and god fearing…

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