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The Clitheroe Jesus Miracle

by | 30th, December 2009

nativityWOULD the people who “stole” the Baby Jesus, Mary, the two-foot tall plaster cast figures of a shepherd, angel, sheep and donkey from Clitheroe’s nativity display please return them.

Last year Jess was “stolen” twice. Three years ago Jesus made it to Warrington.

Says Mayor Mary Robinson:

It is beyond belief and utterly disrespectful that somebody has done this. I am really appalled. This has gone beyond a practical joke because the figures will cost a fortune to replace. Whoever has done this should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve ruined it for everybody else in the town.”

On the other hand, if Jesus, Mary and friends have left of their own accord, the Clitheroe nativity becomes the Clitheroe Miracle.

In the meanwhile, the part of Mary is being played by Jessie Wallace, Jesus by a young Jimmy Clitheroe, the Shepherd is TV’s Mr Cillit Bang and the animals are played by the Noel Edmonds players…

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