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Irshad Manji On Jews And Muslims Uniting Against Swiss Racism

by | 31st, December 2009

swiss-bastardsTHE mainstream news media loves litle more than leading with news of Israel and inviting nodding heads from vested interest groups to talk about Israel, Jews, Muslims, Arabs and terrible things and hate.

Extreme Islam realises that in targeting Jews its bigots can bond with the West’s bigot and agree that the Jews are to to blame for pretty much everything. It’s the path to peace. But it’s not the full picture. Most sane people realise that the individual is what matters.

Via Harry, Irshad Manji writes about Switzerland’s bigoted moves against Islam and free will.

It’s what you won’t see on the BBC. On Switzerland, land of assisted suicide, civic pride and Nazis:

A few weeks ago, the Swiss voted to outlaw minarets in their midst. Denunciation came from the usual suspects. But one highly unusual source stood out.

After I learned that an umbrella group representing young Jews in Europe openly opposed the minaret ban, I was propelled to ask: How can young Muslims reciprocate this good will? That’s when I posted the following message on my Facebook fan page:

“The European Union of Jewish Students has issued a public statement condemning the Swiss ban on minarets. Agree or disagree with their position, their larger point is that faithful Muslims deserve the freedoms that democratic societies offer. This is a noble gesture by young European Jews and we should do something to acknowledge their inclusive message. So I’m now asking my Muslim fans to post PERSONAL messages against anti-Semitism here.“

Read the messages on Manji’s website. Spread the word – the rabid nutters who hog the TV media don’t always drown out the voices of the sane…


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