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Sweden Engulfed In Vaginal Coroner Aura

by | 31st, December 2009

HAPPY Vagina Coroner to you. Or as you say in Sweden, slidkrans. Vaginal Coroner replaces the world ‘hymen’ (mödomshinna), as in “What time is hymen – I’m famished?”

The Swedish Language Council‘s (Språkrådet) has added the term slidkrans (vaginal corona) to the list of official Swedish words.

Thanks to the fine work by those fine pople at the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU) vaginal corona is now an acceptable term to meet and greet Swedes with. Anorak’s Guide Book tells us:

Bjorn: Good day

Terry (tourist): Vaginal Coroner

Bjorn: Pardon?

Terry: Vaginal Co-ron-er.

Bjorn: Ah, yes. Ho-ho. Your accent threw me. This way for vaginal co-roners.

Terry: Not arf!

Bjorn: Parp!

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