Anorak News | ‘Hate Mail Cleric’ Anjem Choudary On Big Brother And Being Gordon Brown’s Letter Writing Czar

‘Hate Mail Cleric’ Anjem Choudary On Big Brother And Being Gordon Brown’s Letter Writing Czar

by | 4th, January 2010

anjem-choudaryTHOUGH still to get a decent nickname like his predecessors in the role of the UK’s Islamic nutter in chief – “mad mullah” Omar Bakri; “Hooky” Abu Hamza – Anjem Choudary continues to try.

The Sun dubs him the “Hate Mail Cleric”. But it’s a name that lacks pith and snappiness. It’s The Hate Mail Cleric! Presenting The Hate Mail Cleric. Here’s The Hate Mail Cleric. Anyone bother to mount a boo or a hiss in this Islamicist Smack Down? The Sun presses on:

The fanatic is sending letters to the families of fallen heroes urging them to become Muslims “to save yourselves from the hellfire”.

So long as he spells names right, The Hate Mail Cleric’s missives will be slipping through your post box. So what does he have to say? Forget the letters, speak to the people directly via the Sun:

Twisted Choudary yesterday refused to face The Sun over his sick letter-writing campaign, whingeing: “I’m the most hated man in Britain.”

Whingeing? Surely, boasting. What baddie would not relish being hated, although his claim to being No.1 Hate Figure are contested by Noel Edmonds, Baby P’s torturers and Gary Glitter. In any case, The Hate Mail Cleric can only write. If he speaks he can no longer be a champion of letter writing (a dying out tradition, kids! Look out for Choudary becoming Gordon Brown’s Letter Writing Czar and presenting the BBC’s Points Of View.)

Unless Choudary wants to be loved, in which case he might yet make it as a late entrant onto Celebrity Big Brother. To a house in Leytonstone:

Cowardly Choudary tried to pretend he was out when reporters went to speak to him at his home. He turned off his TV and fled upstairs before finally answering a call to his mobile. He then moaned: “I’m not coming out, you’re trying to demonise me.”

Time, perhaps, to tease him out with a new nickname: It’s Rambling Rambler Anjum Choudary:

The letter campaign comes just days after The Sun revealed Choudary and his Islam4UK group plan to march through Wootton Bassett, Wilts, carrying coffins to symbolise thousands of Muslims killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Touching stuff. But why not really help out and carry the coffins in Iraq of Afghanistan? See it as a long ramble to redemption…

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